Reasons Why Maybe It’s Your Fault

Fear Of Having A Commitment

They have personal issues in life and you know it. You know it’s not the right time but you keep on pushing it. And it’s never going to work out but you don’t care, you just keep on chasing.

You Quite Like An Asshole Type Of Guy

I don’t know if that is insanity but from the very start you know he’s a jerk, but you still like him anyway. You even know he’s gonna hurt you but you don’t seem to care. You want him.

Running In Circles

You keep on hoping that they will change. You think that by giving thousand chances will actually make things work right. So you keep on running and running in circles. Different guy, same bullshit.

Red Flags

You disregard every sign you needed to see and focus on the things you wanted to see. You continue to stick around despite the signs pointing you to a dead end situation.

You Are Not Listening

Your friends keep on telling you about the problem and they give you advice but you won’t take it. You go your own way. You know they just want the best for you but you don’t want it yourself.

You do whatever you want but afterwards call your friends in the middle of the night telling them how dumb he is for hurting you.

Isn’t it obvious? Why won’t you listen?

Maybe that person is already spelling it out for you but you keep on ignoring it. WAKE UP!

Not Enough Love

Yes, I know you may love him to death, but honestly, you don’t love your own self. Yes, you’re capable of loving someone but why can’t you love yourself by walking away?

Wanting Too Much

And when you want something, you will not stop until you get it. Even if it will destroy you in the end, you’ll take the risk and bear all the pain just to get it.

You Fear Love

Cause at the end of the day, believe it or not, you’re afraid to take the risk of falling genuinely in love with someone. You have reservations and restrictions. So you settle for hookups and flings because you’re afraid to lose.

The reason why you’re hurting is because you’re giving all your parts to the wrong people. But that’s not how things work, sweetheart.

Remember, suffering is an option but happiness is a choice.



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