You didn’t fight for her and now, you lost her.

Oh dude, you made a mistake. A big mistake, indeed.

She’s a catch you know. A girl like her is really impossible to find.

You even have the guts to tell her that she’ll never find a guy like you. And rub it in her face that you can find another girl with just a blink of an eye. Really?

But let me tell you this, someone else will appreciate her and her beauty.

Someone else would definitely take the chaos you brought her and stay with her. Oh well, didn’t you realize that a love like her is so hard to find?

She’ll prepare a coffee for him every morning and wakes him up with a breakfast in bed, of course she will cook his favorite dish and listen to his rants because it’s a rough day after work.

She’s going to buy him a cute shirt just because she thought it will look perfect on him. No matter what, she wants him to be happy even if she has to sacrifice something. She’s that kind of girl who will stand by him even if he feels like the world is falling apart.

But do you really think that you can replace her? You call her “desperate” and “pathetic”.

Honestly, you’re stupid enough and you did her a favor.

You chose to let her go, and now she found someone else who’s willing to go through a lot just to have her and be with her. She found someone who can value her and loves the way she deserves to be loved. And sorry but I have to slap you with the truth that… you will never find another like her again.

You even thought she wasn’t worth fighting for, you basically threw everything you had with her.

And maybe these coming days, you will realize how dumb you are for thinking that she was just another toy for you.

But unfortunately for you, she is worth more than a gold and you lost her…. forever.


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