You Deserve So Much More

Why are you sticking around for someone who doesn’t know how to commit? Why are you hoping that someday he might change?

Isn’t he making your life miserable by giving you false hopes? You spend a lot trying to figure out everything. You spend most of the time crying rather than smiling because of him.

Many people told you a long time ago that you should get off but you can’t. You were so attached and you don’t understand why.

He’s playing safe. You know that.

One day, he talks to you then after that, he won’t. Then he’ll just come back whenever he wants to and would act normal as if nothing happened. But you just brush it off. And tell yourself that maybe he was just busy.

You know to yourself that you are already settling for less but you keep on pushing it and hoping he’d realize everything.

So, you still let him. You know he’d come back. You believe that you and him can make it through.

But, is it really worth it? Is he really worth the pain?

You’re still hoping that this cycle will end right? But how about you? Did you ever think you are worth this bullshit he’s putting you through?

Sweetheart, you should’ve run from this a long time ago. He’s treating you as an option and this douchebag’s making you feel worthless.

Let’s face it.. for him, you’re just a go-to kind of a woman but you are never his choice, never a priority.

He couldn’t see your beauty and your worth. Truth hurts.

You deserve someone who has a plan for you and someone who’s committed to you.

You deserve to be loved. You are worth more than that.

I hope you realize it by now. Now is the time for you to let go and not look back because he is not going to change. He won’t.

Yes, one day he’ll realize what he missed out on but don’t worry, you will also realize that he’s not totally worth it.

Focus on what is right in front of you. Take risk…

because you deserve all the best in the world

and you deserve so much more.


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