This is why heartbreaks are God’s gift to you

One night I was scanning through my phone and found some of me and my ex boyfriend’s picture. I remember how much I loved him and how he turned my whole world upside down. Well, If you had asked me a year ago, I would have said he’s the one for me and that I can definitely see my future in him. But then, seeing where I am today and looking back at the past made me realize how love can be devious sometimes to the point that it made me blind. It even made me crazy. Lol.

Then suddenly it crossed my mind… when we broke up, it felt like a part of me has died. I was so frustrated and hell, it was so painful.. I  ended up questioning God. We were so perfect. We pray together, we go to church every Sunday, we work things out. So why is God being so unfair? Why is he doing it to us? Why can He just leave us alone? But when I snapped myself back to the present, I am so thankful that it happened. I’m thankful that God has His own way of setting my path straight.

Indeed, God never fails. He has better plan for me. Always. Of course, it may be cruel for me at first but after I heard some news about someone I used to love, it made me realize that God is really saving me from the things that might destroy me in the end and God is true to His promise when He said that He just wants the best for me. It may be painful because I loved him, but God really did save me from more heartbreaks.

And to be honest, I always hear something about him, (well not that I still want to hear something about him but we have many common friends sooo….) and it made me feel relieved that we didn’t work out. Which got me thinking, that maybe break ups are really God’s way of saying “hey, I have plans for you. And I want the best for you so I’m taking that person out of your life.. then trust me and see what I can do for you.”

And God was right. He saved me from someone manipulative and someone who’s not right for me. Someone who will hurt me more in the future. Well, I’m not saying that he’s a bad person. All I’m saying is that he’s bad for me and God has to take him away from me because it will do no good for me. Though, he’s a good person but God saw that guy’s not good for me. And it became my wake up call. Eventually, it set me free.

My perspective in life has changed. Sometimes, even if you don’t understand the situation, all you have to do is trust God. And let go.

Heartbreaks are new beginning.
Heartbreaks give you new opportunities. The better ones. Learn to appreciate goodbyes because “goodbye” means “hello” too.

God remove him/her in your life for a purpose. Someday, it will all make sense. And you will definitely thank God that it happened. You are where you are right now because God has a perfect plan for you.

Trust God. There’s a blessing in breaking.


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