trust your own destination

Last time, I was talking to this friend of mine. We usually talk about each other’s lives (career, family, love life, and some other friends). She told me how happy and contented she is right now with her life. She’s getting married next year, she has a high paying job and she already invested so much for her family. Exactly my goal in life too. Suddenly, I feel envious and unhappy… envious because I want that kind of life too and unhappy because I am not having that kind of life yet.

I compared myself to her. Well, I have a job, I’m starting to help my family and I don’t care if I don’t have a boyfriend yet.. but I can’t help it. Am I on the right path? Am I doing the right decisions in life? I know, I’m doing my best to reach my goals but why am I still here? Why do I feel like I’m stuck at this point in my life wherein nothing’s changing?

And then I realized that life is not a race. Yes, my friend could be on the top right now, living her dream and finally settling down but they are not my competitors. We all do our best. We have different challenges and choices in life but it depends on us on how we handle those and overcome them, we have our own ways. We live in the same world but we have different time frame.

My friend may be successful at this point in time, well, your friend may already be living her dream right now but it doesn’t matter. We are all heading to a place we’re supposed to be. It may not be today, but surely, we will.

As long as you do your best, you will. Yes, you will make mistakes along the way but you can do it. It’s part of your journey.

So don’t go too fast. Take it slow. Make it all worthwhile. All your efforts and hardships will be paid off. Take enough courage to face the challenges because it will lead you to a better place. A brighter future that is made for you. Just for you.

You and your friends have different journeys in life. You have your own. So choose the best path, fight the good fight and decide for what is best for you. Relax. Don’t pressure yourself. You’ll arrive at your destination in time.

But for now, be happy and enjoy your life. Keep moving forward. Just one at a time. You’ll get there.


One thought on “trust your own destination

  1. There is actually one thing I always say to myself when I start to compare: They are comparing too. They are comparing themselves with me. What are they jealous of? What do I have that they don’t? There is always something you are better at or have that others don’t, and I think that realizing that other people are doing the same thing as you makes you realize that it is okay if someone has something better than you – because you also have something better.

    Only way I have ever been able to stop!

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