stop waiting for him to text you back

You texted him. But he won’t text you back. So, you start hating him. But after a while, you start concluding that maybe something happened. You thought that maybe he’s busy or he’s up for something.

But how long did you wait for him to reply? 2 days?  1 week? A month? Oops, I guess you need to stop waiting for him to text you back. That is already an answer.

Oh, still not getting it?

You keep on looking at your phone, you take it with you wherever you go.. but still he won’t text you back. Why? Why are you still waiting?

Why do you want an answer? Why do you still want to communicate with him?

Why are you desperate to hear from him again? Obviously, because a part of you still wants him, right?

And then, you start assuming that maybe he is with someone else. Or maybe he’s not into you anymore. You got scared and a little bit hurt by that thought. So you look down at your phone again, but still.. no reply.

So now you’re mad and devastated. He left you on read. Ever thought of slapping your face because you looked stupid after doing that? And then you tell yourself to stop texting him anymore.

But every time you hear your phone rings, you hope that it was him. You get excited. But to your disappointment, it wasn’t him. You feel sad again, you feel incomplete.

Think about it, honey. You send a message to him and he didn’t reply. Multiple times you did, I know. And multiple times, he won’t text you back. It was his decision. If he cared, then he would pay more attention.

Just think about it.

Now, do you still think that maybe something happened again?

Look, he is not interested. Not anymore. You may still want to hear something from him, but he doesn’t want to hear something from you anymore.

Do you still want that?

You’re investing your time to this particular person but he doesn’t care. So stop. It clearly shows that he is not interested.

You deserve someone who will check up on you even when you don’t check them.

You deserve someone who will text you back.

You deserve someone who will prioritize you. Not someone who ignores you.

And obviously, he don’t deserve you. Cause if he does, he’ll be the one to text you first.

Why waste your time on someone who does not want you?

You know where you stand. Stop. Waiting game is over.


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