So, here are the things I want you to know about me….. the basics.

I am Bea Shirleen Lapig Nuguid. Well, basically yes I’m a filipino obviously from the Ph! Yahuuuu! Hello kababayan! 😉 So, I’m already 23 years old. Most of them thought I was only 18 years old. LOL…. maybe it was my height though hahahaha… Ok so I graduated from CEU MALOLOS. and proud to be ESCOLARIAN! Took up BS HRM. Okay, i’ll be honest here…. i looooooove cooking but I hate baking hahaha (well that’s another story to tell!) and as of the moment (wow… very formal hahaha) so yeah, I’m already working as a collections agent in Alorica Centris. So far naman, I love my job hahaha but I don’t love the cardholders HAHAHA joke… hmmm there, i think those are just the basic things you really need to know about me. Well wait… okay, I’m single HAHAHAHA.

so the reason why I created an account here on wordpress, well obviously to EXPRESS he he he… I had a fair share of doubt and hesitation if I should or should not create an account here… so please bear with me cos most of the time, I’ll be treating this as my open diary.. I don’t want you guys to expect too much cause there will be a lot, yes A LOT LOT LOT LOT of mistakes, esp with my grammars​… so please forgive me.

Moreover, my self thoughts (dude, im an overthinker i cant help but think too much hahaha), my ideas, my experiences and whatnot will be posted here…. but guys, please please don’t judge. I’m not here to impress you but to express what I feel…. okay?
so, there. I guess this will be my first “informal” post. I hope you stay tuned.

Bea 💎


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